The hypo-allergenic sheet that is good for the sensitive skin type. It adheres to your face perfectly and comfortably / 0.2 therapy air mask is so thin that you can see the skin through the sheet.
This perfect fitting L-ceel sheet contains yogurt extract enriched with vitamin B2 and protein, and lactobacillus which helps strengthen skin barrier. (L-cell sheet: soft feel + high in moisture + silky cellulose) Apple: Silky Skin Care Blueberry: Balancing Strawberry: Nourishing/Hydrating Mango: Skin Brightening
Sets of 10 sheets mask Treat your skin with My Innisfree Real Squeeze Mask. It is made from 100% eucalyptus fibers which comes in a variety of ingredient to cater the needs of you skin. Moisturizing: Cucumber Soothing: Aloe, Green Tea Clearing: Rice Skin Purifying: Green Tea Brightening: Rose Nourishing: Shea Butter,Acai Berry